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Nepal Weeks 3 - 4

Nepal Weeks 3 - 4

July 10, 2009

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

This summer in Nepal has been just as educational as I could have asked for. I am learning just as much inside the classroom as outside among other students in the Tibetan language program as well as locals I have befriended here. With that said, the loss of my dearest friend Anne, has changed my life. Anything petty seems really trite right now. Life is too short to be angry and hold grudges or to hang on to regrets. The context of which I have been learning Buddhism has changed as well. There is so much emphasis on impermanence and suffering in all Buddhist literature and whereas before it seemed like a mere fascination with those concepts now it is really gone to a deeper level. It is not something I can really talk about I don’t think, but I do feel it. For a while, I felt embarrassed to cry in front of new friends in a foreign environment, but everyone I have reached out to has been more than supportive in their own ways. I can’t expect any support from anyone more so than they have already shown me. My family as well as Anne’s family have all shown a great level of love and support in this hardest and more surreal episode for me. I am grateful for the close friends who have reached out through emails and Facebook messages and comments.

The next week coming up will be the last week of the studying at the Rangjung Yeshe* Institute and the we will go to Pharping for our two week retreat- - part of which I hope to do in silence. I am finalizing my plans right now for after when the retreat is over, July 31st. If all goes well, I will be traveling north to Tibet for the remaining days in early August so I probably wont be updating the blog as much until I return back home.

In Front of the Great Stupa of Boudha - Kathmandu, Nepal

In front of the Great Stupa of Boudha - Kathmandu, Nepal

* I learned that the name of the instiute, Rangjung Yeshe, is a Tibetan expression which roughly translates to self-arising wisdom.

With Love,

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