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Rest In Peace Anne Marshall Moore

Rest In Peace Anne Marshall Moore

July 7, 2009

Anne Moore <br>November 20th 1981 - July 5th 2009<br>Rest In Peace<br>Rest In Paradise

Anne Marshall Moore November 20th 1981 - July 5th 2009 Rest In Peace~ Rest In Paradise ~

I received an email from my father today and he let me know that Anne Marshall Moore left us on July 5th, 2009. I am sad to know I wont be able to attend her wake or memorial services. I found some bit of closure– the most I could hope for being half way around the world– when I had the chance to call Anne’s mother, Jackie, in the hospital and have her hold the phone up to Anne’s ear. I said my last words to her crying inside of a phone booth at an internet cafe, and Jackie told me that Anne’s eyes fluttered in response to my voice.

I am grateful for having my father contact floral wreath makers in Kansas City, and also for making arrangements with my wonderful Aunty Naseem out there to bring a beautiful wreath on my behalf. I thank her for her efforts as well. I know Anne’s family was happy to have an extended family member be present on my behalf.

I wrote to Anne’s grandma to print the following note and a picture for me:

Dear Anne,

You were my closest friend of the heart. You taught me so much over the last so many years. I remember when I first met you in Lawrence in 1999. And then our time spent together in Paris and your visits to California. I will cherish all our long distant phone conversations for hours on end that would take place at any time during the day or night. We were both there for each other anytime we needed to talk to one another. I deeply admired our unconditional love and friendship that we built together. You inspired me to cultivate a path of positive experiences in my life that I could not have done alone. You recognized and supported all my creative endeavors–you were my number one fan!

I will never be able to make another friend like you but I will seek your spirit of love and compassion in everyone. You were an angel among us all. Now you are in a peaceful place watching over us. I will keep you ever so close to my heart and soul. Your spirit will never pass away. Thank you for everything beautiful Anne. I love you so much!


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1 Rae July 18, 2009 at 5:37 am

Dearest Zain - I am just reading this now. So much love for you. Death is truly a beautiful thing, but its hard for us to understand it here. We have such strong ideas about what Life SHOULD be that we squeeze all the play and mystery out of it. We fail to recognize that Life truly is eternal - we’re so hypnotized by these bodies. The longer I am on this Earth, the far less frightening death is. Its just moving from a room of physicality into a room of non-physicality. If not for the riveting experience of being in a body, you would be able to turn your thought to Anne, and be in direct contact with her. In fact, you could do that now, but the body-mind convinces you that its not possible, and so as a practical matter, mostly its not. Nonetheless, Anne is very much alive and well and happy, and there is really no reason for sadness. Life is Eternal and its not possible for us to ever be truly separated from each other, except in our illusion. Love, love, love, bless, bless, bless, Sweet, Sweet Anne.

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